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Behind The Lens

My name is Brady Skye and I'm an American filmmaker based in St. Augustine, Florida. What separates me from other wedding videographers is my minimalist approach. I pride myself on creating high-quality stories with a very low footprint. I use very little equipment and make sure everything runs smooth for everyone involved at the wedding, including all of the vendors, guests, and the couple. Many other wedding videographers have a lot of equipment and between them and the photography crew, it can get crowded and hectic. I've heard unsettling stories about other videographers trying to direct the day and battling photographers to get a good shot. That is not how I do things! It's your wedding day, and you and your guests should not be disturbed. I stay out of the way and let everything happen uninterrupted. I make sure the filming process is seamless with a laid back vibe, positive energy, and a natural mindfulness of how I am moving around in space.

I have been growing as a filmmaker and storyteller for over a decade and I never stop learning and exploring. From producing commercials for big brands like the PGA TOUR to telling stories for small businesses, my work has taken me all over the world and I have been fortunate to collaborate with some awesome people. In carving my path and finding my ultimate passion, I found that nothing makes me more happy than telling love stories. Creating these memories for couples and families is meaningful and fulfilling.

I believe an exceptional motion picture from your wedding weekend is the most important memory you will take home. Your wedding will go by so fast, but I will be there to capture the small details and big moments and create a story you will want to watch over and over again.

Outside of creating wedding films, I make memories for myself and my wife often. I have a personal YouTube channel including our honeymoon to Ireland. When I'm not crafting a wedding film, you may find me hanging out with family and friends, flying airplanes, traveling, riding my bike, walking, cooking, or listening 40's music. 

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