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12 Days in Belize with my Fiancé

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

Memories. They really are priceless. I don't know what is more valuable in life than a great memory, besides being able to watch it. That's why I love creating them so much for others. But I don't stop at creating wedding films. I live and breathe the craft of filmmaking. When I plan an epic trip to an adventurous country like Belize, of course I have to document it. My fiancé and I just spent 12 epic days in Belize, and I created a 45 minute film of our trip. It's a great memory for us to look back on, and for others to see some of Belize and how we planned our itinerary. This is my first travel film. I hope you enjoy watching it and if you want to chat about Belize or planning a trip there, definitely let me know. I look forward to creating more of these travel films, and we just booked our honeymoon flight to Ireland!

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