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iPhone XS Filmmaker Review

Updated: Oct 17, 2018

I don't really care for smartphones, but I will admit they have become a necessity. Being able to access anything I need right in my pocket is extraordinary and so convenient. I hadn't upgraded my phone since the iPhone 6s, so I was ready for something new and the iPhone XS was it. I do use my phone for photo and video at times, so the first thing I did was start shooting. I noticed the built-in-stabilizer for capturing video was dramatically improved, and the idea of holding the phone in my hands without having to worry about it shaking was very exciting. Then, I realized I could zoom in twice the focal length and it was still stable, so I had to see what it was made of in a more difficult filming situation — flying in a small plane. It held up really well, and I have made a little review with some of my thoughts.. Maybe the days of having to carry an electronic gimbal for your smartphone will soon come to an end. Personally, the less equipment needed get the shots I want, the better.

Here are some of the additional Apps I have on my phone:

DJI Go 4




X-Plane 10



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