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Making Wedding Planning Fun

A wedding planning organizer will become your bridal Bible and it will contain all the details, including ideas, inspiration, appointments and deadlines. As the wedding day gets nearer, you won't be without it. You can buy a planner from your local stationery shop or download one to print yourself. There are heaps of awesome options on sites like and here are three of our top picks.

The Boho Wedding Planner Book is a lux planner that indeed would become a keepsake from your best day ever. You can personalize it with your names in rose gold foil - it is functional and fancy and we love it!

The Wedding Planner Book With Stickers and Gift Box is quite tempting because stickers are fun, right? It's pretty and practical, and the seller even has a video so you can see exactly what you are getting.

The Ultimate Wedding Planner is printable and make sure your printer has plenty of ink because it comes with 100 handy pages.

Printables from Etsy are terrific for wedding signs, name cards, menu cards, and all sorts of wedding decorations. You can save a lot of time and money and find modern designs to match your wedding theme. It is the go-to site for many Saint Augustine brides and grooms, so don't forget to check it out.

One of the first appointments you should note down in the trendy new planner is monthly bridal party drinks meetings. It's an "important meeting" with the girls at the Ice Plant Bar and next month at the Floridian Restaurant. You will talk all things wedding, let your tribe know your progress and de-stress by sharing the wedding planning process with your side of the bridal party.

Your bridal party will be totally on board, and it's nice to treat them a few drinks to say thank you for being by your side as you plan this Saint Augustine wedding. If some of your bridal party live out of town, you can video call them in for the best Zoom meeting of their week.

You might be laughing because Bridesmaids instantly springs to mind when you say wedding movie. There are loads of light-hearted love stories, chick flicks, comedies and other movies relating to weddings. Chilling out and watching a wedding movie can help you relax, have a laugh or find a new perspective when the wedding planning process seems like homework.

Check out Love, Weddings and Other Disasters, which is hilarious and who doesn't adore Diane Keaton?

Many St. Augustine wedding couples fall into the mistake of trying to plan the whole wedding in one go. Getting it done and dusted over a weekend is not going to happen, so you should take your time and lean into the planning process, so it is enjoyable.

Plan in stages with breaks in between. Start by finding your wedding venue and setting the date. Lock in the important vendors (like your videographer – hint, hint), then high five yourselves and rest for a week. Next, plan all the details of the ceremony. Don't be tempted to jump into any reception details, or it will become a jumbled mess. After you finish the ceremony planning, take another break before planning the reception.

Another idea is to just start with whatever excites you. Anything your excited about works at a good place to start!

Planning the wedding in small parts will make it much easier and more fun. Add in wedding dress shopping, cake tasting, and luxury beauty treatments and you will be a blissed out bride. There will always be last-minute details to plan. Don't stress – know that it WILL fall into place naturally.

For the wedding guests, many times it is an honor to be asked to help with the wedding planning. Maybe someone is a talented cake maker or is hiding some wicked DJ'ing skills. Have someone give a reading during the ceremony to add another layer of sentimental emotion. Having those closest to you be a part of the wedding planning process makes it a more joyous and fun experience for you and them.

As you meet up to discuss the details, you will exchange stories and gratitude for the day coming up. You also could save a little money on vendor costs, although it is proper bridal etiquette to offer some payment to friends and family members who are investing substantial time into certain services.

For example, if someone is making your cake, you should pay for the ingredients, especially if you have a five-tier sweet creation. Speaking of cake and desserts, we highly recommend checking out Sweet Weddings and Creme de la Cocoa in St. Augustine.

You might not realize a DIY queen is waiting to be crowned, but if it's going to happen, your wedding will be the time. There is something so satisfying about making wedding decorations, and if you dive into the world of Pinterest wedding boards, you will soon have a list of DIY projects to try. If they turn out to look amateur or not quite right, you can always order online. Start this new hobby of making wedding decos well in advance of your wedding day and you won't feel pressured.

The handmade wedding details you create are always so much fun to unveil to your guests.

We hope this article gave you some inspiration on how to make the planning process fun. No matter how overwhelming it may feel, just take it a day at a time. It won't be a stressful experience if you don't let anyone else make it one!

You will be radiant, graceful and relaxed.

Written by First Sight Films – a wedding videography boutique in St. Augustine, Florida

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