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The Best Pizza I Have Ever Had

Updated: Sep 5, 2018

Because why not fly around America's Oldest City while eating a piece of your favorite pizza? One of my favorite things about this world is the fact that we as humans figured out how to fly. Having my Private Pilot license is the most important certification I could own, and one of my greatest accomplishments. Most people have been on a commercial airliner to get from point A to B, but I assure you flying in a small airplane, low and slow, is a whole different experience. My fiancé had never been up in a small plane until she met me and I took her flying on our third date in a Cessna 152! It wasn't long after we took our leftover Mellow Mushroom "Holy Shitake" pizza for a spin around downtown St. Augustine and it was the perfect excuse to create my first vlog. This vlog also features my wonderful friend and brilliant wedding photographer Rob Futrell, who we visited after we landed!

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