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The Most Romantic Moment We've Seen Yet

Updated: Mar 26, 2021

If there was one word that stands out at Caite and Chris's wedding, it's light. I'm not just referring to Chris's last name, Beam. There is a special time of year in downtown St. Augustine where hundreds of people gather in the heart of town, waiting to be filled with the Christmas spirit. You'll hear the countdown from a mile away. 10 – 9 – 8 – 7 ... 3 – 2 – 1 followed by a loud cheer and a unity of joy as the town is lit up with millions of lights. As you can imagine, it creates a winter wonderland filled with romance and Catie and Chris married on this very day. What an incredible backdrop for your wedding day. But what was to come later that night was something I have never seen before.

The couple's wedding ceremony took place at Our Lady of La Leche National Shrine at Mission Nombre de Dios and the reception took place at The Assembly Room. The Assembly Room has a Brooklyn, big city feel right in uptown St. Augustine and has quickly become one of my new favorite locations for a wedding reception. If you're planning a wedding in St. Augustine, be sure to add this place to your list of tours. When Catie and Chris arrived to their reception, it was lined with mint classic cars and a beautiful custom made fluorescent sign that read "The Beams" as it shined over all of the thoughtful decor. Catie's sister surprised everyone with a performance involving her first time singing live and the wedding party dancing to a choreographed routine. They also had something that many couple's are thinking about above all else leading up to their wedding day – an epic dance party. One of the most unique decisions they made on their timeline was exiting at 9:30pm. Why so early? They rented a Holly Jolly Trolly for the family members to drive around downtown and experience the first night of the lights while singing Christmas carols together. It was one of the most special exits to date, followed by the most romantic moment we've seen yet as a wedding videography team in St. Augustine. As Catie and Chris hopped off the trolly in front of the Casa Monica, it started to rain. This was a moment where there are only two decisions to make – either run inside to prevent from getting rained on, or go across the street to the Lightner Museum courtyard and create a scene right out of a Hollywood film. I'm so glad they choose the latter, and you can watch that scene right here in their film. Congrats Catie and Chris Beam! You are brighter than ever now that you have found each other.

Thanks so much for taking the time to watch this wedding film from First Sight Films. To keep up with our latest work, subscribe to our YouTube Channel and for a list of film equipment you can check out my Kit page.

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